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The Iowa City Community School District recognizes that some students have different educational needs than other students.  The district shall provide a free appropriate educational program and related services to students identified in need of special education.  The special education services will be provided from birth until the appropriate education is completed or age twenty-one, in accordance with Iowa Code 281.8.  The district shall provide an appropriate education for a student in need of special education.  Children requiring special education shall attend general education classes, participate in extracurricular activities, and receive services in a general education setting to the maximum extent possible.  The appropriate education for each student shall be written in the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP).
Special education services are provided through the student needs driven model which is outlined in the Special Education Instructional Services Delivery Plan developed through the curriculum review process.  The model supports students in the least restrictive environment, increases expectations for students in special education programs through more involvement in the general education curriculum and district wide assessment and increases collaboration between general and special educators.
The general education curriculum is the foundation for students who require expanded curriculum because of identified learning needs.  The reference point will be the use of the district’s standards and benchmarks as performance goals and indicators.
Special education students shall be required to meet the requirements stated in Board Policy for graduation or in their IEP's.  Prior to the student's graduation the IEP team shall determine that the requirements have been met.
It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent and the area education agency Director of Special Education to provide or make provision for appropriate special education programs.  While the superintendent shall be custodian of school records, the building principal shall be responsible for maintaining the records of the children identified as in need of special education.  These records may be viewed by authorized school personnel and in accordance with the requirements of Board Policy.  Policies and procedures shall be filed at the area education agency.
Date of Adoption:  12/20/83          
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