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The school district shares with the community the responsibility to provide and optimal school and work environment for the intellectual, emotional, and physical development of its students. Therefore, the Board prohibits the distribution, dispensing, manufacture, possession, use, or being under the influence of beer, wine, alcohol, or controlled substances, or “look-a-like” substances that appear to be tobacco, beer, wine, alcohol, or controlled substances by members of the school community while on District property or on property within the jurisdiction of the School District, while on school owned and/or operated school or chartered vehicles, while attending or engaging in school activities, or while away from school grounds if the misconduct will directly affect the good order, efficient management, or welfare of the School District.
Violation of this Policy and/or the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 by members of the school community will result in disciplinary action including, for a student, potential suspension and expulsion, for an employee, potential termination, and for an applicant or school vendor, visitor, or volunteer, potential exclusion from school grounds. Possession, use, or being under the influence of beer, wine, alcohol, and/or a controlled substance may be reported to local law enforcement authorities.
The use, purchase, or possession of cigarettes, tobacco, or tobacco products for those under the age of eighteen may be reported to the local law enforcement authorities. School District facilities and grounds, including school vehicles, are off limits for tobacco use. This policy applies to students, employees, and visitors and applies at all times, including school-sponsored and non-school-sponsored events.
Students who violate the terms of this policy may be required to satisfactorily complete a substance abuse assistance or rehabilitation program approved by the Board. If such student fails to satisfactorily complete such a program, the student may be subject to discipline including suspension or expulsion.
Employees who violate the terms of this policy may be required to attend as a condition of employment substance abuse counseling and/or to participate in inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation.  Any employee who receives a criminal, drug-related conviction for a violation of this policy must notify his/her immediate supervisor within five days of the conviction. Federal agencies with which the District has grants or contracts will be notified of the conviction within ten days of receiving the notice. As a condition of employment, all employees must agree to abide by the terms outlines in this policy.
Drug-free awareness information will be provided to assist members of the school community in broadening their knowledge of the harmful effects of controlled substances and in the treatment of alcoholism or addiction to controlled substances.
Date of Adoption:        8/22/89
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