900 Series - School District - Community Relations


The District maintains certain records in connection with its operations and, pursuant to Iowa Law, records maintained by the District are generally open to the public.  The superintendent is the designated official responsible for implementing the implementation of this policy.  Public records of the District may be viewed by the public during the regular business hours of the administration offices of the District.  These hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for school holidays and recesses.
Persons wishing to view the District's public records should contact the superintendent by telephone or in writing, including electronically, and make arrangements for the viewing or obtaining the records.  Examination of the records shall be done under the supervision of the superintendent or his designee, who shall make arrangements for providing the records to the requesting individual or entity as soon as practicable, depending on the nature of the request.
Persons wishing copies of public records may be assessed a fee for those copies.  Persons wanting compilation of information may be assessed a fee for the time of the employee necessary to compile the requested information.  Persons examining public records may also be charged a fee for the custodian's supervision of the examination.  All payments are due at the time of services provided, unless alternate payment arrangements are made in advance. 
Public records are documents that currently exist and are not confidential as defined by Iowa Code Section 22.7 or other law.  District officials are not required to create or generate records that do not exist or compile information not in the possession of the District or of a third-party responsible for investment of public funds. 
It is the responsibility of the superintendent to maintain accurate and current records of the Iowa City Community School District.  It is also the responsibility of the superintendent to respond in a timely manner to requests for viewing and receiving public documents of the District. 
Date of Adoption:  7/14/81      
Legal Reference:        
Code of Iowa Chapter 22